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Sky High Rolling Trays

Roll into another dimension

Roll into another dimension with the Sky High® rolling tray collection. Made for the smoker on-the-go and on-the-couch, these high-quality metal rolling trays are the easiest way to keep your smoke session from blasting off without you. Keep your herb, papers, wraps, and lighters secure while you prepare to take off into another dimension.

Sky High Bongs

Sky High Bongs

Out of this world glass

Crafted in the United States using thick, high-quality borosilicate glass, the Sky High® glass line is totally out of this world. Offered in both beaker and straight tube styles, Sky High Bongs are available in three popular sizes (12″, 14″ and 18″) and over 10 different colors. These pipes are designed to provide smooth hits that pack a punch.

Sky High Grinders

Sky High Grinders

Grind Into the Cosmos

Grind your herb into the cosmos with Sky High® grinders and choose from multiple designs and styles. These grinders utilize powerful zinc alloy metals that are stronger than traditional aluminum grinders and will withstand far more damage from accidental drops or dings. Enjoy a versatile 4-piece design with included pollen catcher in all of these grinders.

Sky High Cones

Pack It Up & Blast Off

Pack it up and blast off quickly with Sky High® pre-rolled cones. Simply grind your smoking product up first, then use the included cone filler and packer to funnel your herbs into these perfectly pre-rolled cones. Enjoy these ultra-thin cones in multiple styles & sizes, including Organic Hemp, Natural Hemp, or Rice-based papers in both King Size or 1 1/4″.

Sky High Lighters

Light Up the Sky

Light up the sky with Sky High® lighters, the perfect accessory to any smoking session. Select from many fun designs or styles and match your Sky High grinders and trays to make the perfect set.

Sky High Hemp Flower

Experience Galaxy-Shaking Herb

Experience the galaxy-shaking Sky High® hemp flower, a legal* and THC-free herb containing either Cannabidiol (CBD) or Cannabigerol (CBG). Every package of this impressive flower is lab-verified to ensure quality and available in multiple different strains.

*Not available online. Only available for adults in select retail stores throughout the US. Inquire for wholesale orders.

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